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Solar Powered Outdoor WIFI Security Camera


  • AUD: $ 179.51

4.50 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
2 customer reviews

  • FULLY WIRELESS – POWERED BY SUNLIGHT Power supply independent solar ip camera charges it’s batteries with solar energy from it’s built-in solar panel. Can be placed anywhere around your house, factory or construction site. A truly stand-alone security IP camera.
  • NIGHT VISION READY & WATERPROOF Built to withstand rain. Fit to be used outdoors in any location with Wi-Fi coverage and sunlight. Works at night too: Infra Red light lets you to see in the dark. When it matters most.
  • SMART MOTION SENSOR The motion detector (PIR) can be activated and sensitivity adjusted through the APP. With PIR active, the camera sends alert messages (with photo) to your mobile device as soon as movement is detected.
  • FULL CONTROL THROUGH APP From your device you can access the video live stream (including audio) any time from anywhere. Receive motion detection alerts, save snapshots and monitor battery levels. You have full control over all settings on your phone or tablet.
  • EASY TO SET UP Simply download the free APP (available for Android and iOS), follow the steps in the manual and you’ll have this device up and running in a few minutes. Easy to attach to walls, trees or posts with the included mounting kit. Basic understanding of Wi-Fi networks needed. Our PREMIUM SUPPORT has a response time of 3 hours and will stand by your side as long as you need it.

Shipping Time: 5-8 working days

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Feel Safer Without Pulling Cables

This solar-powered IP camera includes the latest developments in surveillance technology. Smart, versatile, easy to install and self-sufficient.

Just place it anywhere around your property without having to think of power supply. The intelligent integration of solar panel, in-built battery and power management system opens new dimensions in property monitoring.

No Strings Attached

One day of sunlight will keep the camera running for 5-6 days. This incredible performance is achieved by a combination of a built-in 6800mAh Lithium Ion battery, the efficient solar panel module and a smart stand-by mode. The camera switches to broadcast-mode immediately when
– Motion is detected (depending on your settings)
– You request a video live feed from your mobile device

Full APP Control

Every function can easily be controlled from the APP (free download, iOS and Android support).
– Instant Video and Audio stream access anytime from anywhere
– Receive instant alerts if motion is detected
– Set up the wireless network within a minute
– Adjust motion detector sensitivity
– Monitor battery level
– Save snapshots
– Play back recordings
– Manage internal memory


1. Wi-Fi Coverage
To function as a wireless surveillance system, a reliable Wi-Fi connection and sufficient sunlight are necessary.
To test the Wi-Fi signal strength at the designated camera location, simply place your mobile phone where you would mount the camera and see if the Wi-Fi signal shows at least two (better three) bars. The camera only supports 2.4GHz networks (5GHz networks are not supported).

2. Exposure To Direct Sunlight
Direct sunlight should also be available at the designated camera location.
If not the case, you can still use the camera but you probably will have to manually charge the internal battery. The easiest way to do this is to use a conventional power bank.

3. Smartphone
The mobile App is designed to be the central hub of the camera. All functions including set-up routine are controlled from the app. Hence using an up-to-date smart phone is required in order to use this camera. If you have no smart phone or looking for a camera to integrate with an existing PC-based CCTV system – this camera is not for you.

Mounts Everywhere

An installation kit is included in the package so you can mount the camera on flat surfaces (walls) or attach it to objects like poles, bars and pipes.

Pan / Tilt Camera Head

Please note: the camera head can be panned and tilted manually. There is no App control for that.
Pan angle: 150°
Tilt angle: 90°



Out products come with a 30-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee: If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, just send it back and we will refund you no question asked.
One Year Manufacturer Guarantee: If anything breaks – we will replace it.

Tech Specs

  • Camera Lens: 3.6mm wide angle
  • Video encoding: H.264 720P
  • Audio: One way audio (built-in microphone)WiFi: IEE802.11b / g / n protocols (4GHz) supported
  • P2P Network: Supported
  • Night Vision: Infra Red Light
  • Motion Detection: PIR Passive Infra Red Sensor (15 feet range)
  • Solar Powered: The 150mA / 5.5V panel generates enough power in one sunny day to cover approx. 5-6 days of operation.
  • Built-in Battery: 6800mAh Lithium Ion
  • Built-in Memory: 16GB Micro SD Card
  • Mobile APP Support: iOS and Android (free download)
  • Waterproof Level: IP55
  • Net Weight: 28 oz (800 g)
  • Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.5 x 6.1 inch (161 x 115 x 155 mm)
  • Connectors: Mini USB port, Charging Connector (DC5V 500mA)


In The Box

  • Camera
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Installation Sticker
  • Installation Screws & Wall Plugs Set
  • 2 x Cable Tie
  • Manual


Known Issues With Specific Router Models

There are connection issues between the camera and the Wi-Fi router models below. We recommend not to use the camera with these routers:

  • TP-Link Models WR842N, WR886N, WDR5600, TL-H28R, TL-WDR6500
  • Mercurycom MW310R
  • NETGEAR WGR614v10
  • Mi Router R1D
  • 360 security router C301
  • Huawei A1


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to access the recorded videos in the camera?
A: The videos stored in the camera can be searched and viewed on the ‘Video Playback’ screen in the Doby app.

Q: Can I download the videos in the camera?
A: On a Windows computer – yes. You can download the free Windows software from our website.

Q: Can more than one person access the camera to view videos?
A: Yes. You can share your camera with up to five people (tap ‘Share’ on the camera screen). However only one person at a time can view the camera signal.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of cameras you set up under the app?
A: There is no limit to the number of cameras you can set up under the app.

Q: How long can the internal 16GB SD card record?
A: Based on 10 events a day it will last for one year.

Q: How long does the camera record once motion is detected?
A: The camera will record for 30 seconds.

Q: When the SD card is full, can it be swapped out for a larger card?
A: The SD card cannot be swapped out. You can delete the files if it’s full.

Q: Will it work without a router / internet connection?
A: The camera can operate and record video upon motion detection without internet connection. However to watch the videos, and for real-time alerts, you need internet connection.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6.3 × 4.5 × 6.1 in
Shipping Time:

5-8 working days

2 reviews for Solar Powered Outdoor WIFI Security Camera

  1. After getting access to android device and adding camera to my network the rest was easy.

    Tried to install with laptop after loading Doby app. Can’t use laptop Doby unless camera is already added to network. After getting access to android device and adding camera to my network the rest was easy.
    Camera resolution is great and can access camera via laptop via dial up on laptop.
    Must be careful if accessing camera with 2 different devices, only 1 device can view camera at one time. Must make sure first device is completely closed before trying another.
    Only gave 4 stars because of wasting a lot of time trying to install with the laptop only. Instructions not very intuitive regarding laptop.

  2. Excellent product, easy installation and quality picture. I have installed four of these cameras and all are doing well. The only issue on one of cameras the SD card didn’t work for a while but after resetting the camera started working again.

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