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LXORY Apple Watch Charger With Pouch


  • AUD: $ 49.02

4.67 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
3 customer reviews
  • APPLE CERTIFIED APPLE WATCH CHARGER Fully functional magnetic iwatch charger (not just a holder or case for your existing charging cable!) to compliment or replace the magnetic charging cable that came with your apple watch. This product was tested by Apple an certified to be compliant with Apple standards (MFi certified) so you don’t have to worry if it works with your Apple Watch. It does.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MODELS Works with Apple Watch Series 2, Series 1, 42mm, 38mm with opening wrist band (Sport, Woven Nylon, Leather, Milanese Loop and others). Not suitable for closed wristbands (Link Bracelet).
  • ACTIVATES NIGHTSTAND MODE. The unique foldable design lets you choose your favorite charging position. Flat on the table or lifted up to activate nightstand mode and a more comfortable viewing angle.
  • PORTABLE TRAVEL FRIENDLY APPLE WATCH CHARGING CABLE TO GO. We included a customised, padded zipper pouch so you can store the charger neatly and take it along for work or travel. Charge your watch at home or where ever you go – in your car, office or hotel.

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Looking For An Apple Watch Charger?

The LXFC1S is Apple certified and a perfect fit if you …

– Want to replace a lost or broken Apple Watch charger
– Need a second charger for home or travel

It does much more than just replace your original Apple Charger:
The foldable design allows you to activate Nightstand Mode!

And if you want to take it along – simply wrap up the 3ft USB cable and put in in your bag or pouch.

Don’t worry about compatibility: it works with all Watch Models and Series.

Disclaimer: Not Suitable For Closed Loop Wristbands.
If you have a closed loop wristband, it will be difficult to use this charger.

Happiness Guarantee
We want you to be happy with our product. If you are not happy and we can’t fix the problem, you’ll get your money back.

In The Box:

  • Certified, foldable Apple Watch charger (silver)
  • 3ft USB charging cable
  • Zipper pouch (black)


Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3.2 × 1.2 in


3 reviews for LXORY Apple Watch Charger With Pouch

  1. Just received this product today and I already love it, mainly due the simplicity. Many Apple Watch charging stands and products don’t actually contain a charger for the watch. Understandably this is very frustrating and even if it does come with a charger, you will have to actually learn how to place the charger into the casing for the stand which often can take way too long. With this, you simply unbox the product, and it’s ready to go, plug it right in and set your watch on top and boom, you are already charging. Also very portable however my only complaint is that is doesn’t have a wrap-around feature for even better portability, it seems like it wouldn’t have been too difficult to add this feature. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who travels a lot, or needs to easily transport a charger for the Apple Watch. One more thing to consider is buying an Apple Watch certified cable usually runs you about $35, which is rather ludicrous considering your already paying at least $300 for the Watch itself. This is a much better bang for your buck than to buy an Apple Watch cable, and a stand that you have to install the cable in yourself.

  2. Pretty good build quality, charges just as fast as OEM cable, and decent length of cable. I don’t like to set up and remove my original charger from its stand, so I bought this for traveling. Works perfect!

  3. A very compact apple watch charger. I love that it goes flat or you can angle the charger a few degrees. The one gripe i do have about this charger is the price, but really though, other then that it does what its supposed to and easily fits in your bag or even your pocket for travel.

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