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Qi Wireless Charging Stand Compatible With Apple Watch


  • AUD: $ 52.00

4.50 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
4 customer reviews

Wireless Charging Stand
Charge your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. Unlike other Apple Watch stands, the magnetic charging module for your Apple Watch is the one that came with your watch Guaranteeing Compatibility.

No More Fumbling With Cords
Save a lot of tears and money on broken cables and ruined charging ports. You won’t miss having to track down and plug in wires. No more cord clutter on your counter top, coffee table or night stand. Keep both devices at a comfortable viewing angle so you can check your notifications without having to pick up your phone.

Ready Yo Use Right Out Of The Box
The Apple Watch and iPhone wireless charging stand comes with a USB cable and a 18W wall adapter. Just connect it to an outlet neatly wire your apple watch charger and you’re done. Simply place your devices on the stand and enjoy wireless charging on both devices.

Compact, Stable And Good Looking
With a rubber padded foot base, the wireless docking station is very stable and compact at the same time. It’s very modern looking and sits well on your nightstand, counter top or office table

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LXORY X50 wireless charging pad compatible with Apple Watch and iPhone. Comes with a USB output to plug in your existing Apple Watch Charger. 18W wall adapter included.

3-in-1 Charging Station

Charge up to three devices at a time.
With a 10W / 5 Coil Qi pad, a built-in Apple Watch charger module, you can charge up to three devices at once. Provided you feed it with enough power to do so. That’s why we included a Qualcomm 18W wall adapter.


Box content:

Dual Charging Pad
USB-C to USB-A cable (3ft / 1m)
18W wall adapter, Manual

Additional information

Weight 0.84 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4.6 × 5 in

4 reviews for Qi Wireless Charging Stand Compatible With Apple Watch

  1. I like the quality, design, prepared to work to the max without purchasing an adapter. I reviewed all of the possibilities on Amazon and believed this one was planned to be the best and upon use I am extremely happy with it. I have purchased several chargers in the last year or so. Some were good but required several wires and an adapter to work. This unit was planned to be your best choice. Both for phone and watch. It also has an outlet for charging some other item. The use of the C connection wire allows faster charging and is more reliable. Only one connected wire which is extremely better than three or so. I believe the Lxory brand is the best available. I would highly recommend it and if needed for other locations or family this is the one I will purchase again.

  2. I am so happy I purchased this charging station. I had another charging station I used before I acquired an iPhone XS Max. When I started looking for a wireless station and I was so discouraged by how expensive they were. I love the wireless charging features of this unit and the price is so reasonable! With this station my watch and phone are easy to read When they sit on the stand. I also love the extra USB port that I use to charge other devices, which was one of the features I wanted in a charging station. I am very happy with this purchase!

  3. This product is exactly as advertised. It’s a great bedside companion at home, or when traveling. Also the extra USB port at the back for charging is a great add, and certainly useful.

  4. Love the thing, I got it to set on my head board so I could use my sleep alarm app, it was awesome till I opened the package and was disappointed to find a 3 foot cord to plug it in, barely even reaches the closest plug, but doesn’t do the main thing I wanted it to do, and that was to run the cables behind the Head board to the plug strip. Now I’m going to have to get a longer on so that I do t run the risk of knocking it off the edge of the head board

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    • AUD: $ 52.00 - $ 59.45
    • JUST LIKE HAVING A DOUBLE GARAGE MAKES SENSE IF YOU HAVE TWO CARS, Our Dual Wireless Charger Pad is the smarter choice if you have or plan to have a second wireless charging ready phone. So you won’t have to buy a second charger. Save money and desktop space by buying a two phone charging station right away.
    • CHARGE UP TO THREE DEVICES AT ONCE! The LXORY Qi Dual Wireless Charger comes with two 9W Qi charging pads and one USB power outlet so you can charge a third device using a USB cable of your preference. A Qualcomm 18W QuickCharge Adapter (US plug) is included.
    • BUILT-IN THERMO PROTECTION. A Wireless iPhone charger gets warm while charging. Cheap chargers can overheat your phone. We included a temperature sensor in the two phone wireless charger which will limit the maximum temperature of the transmitters to a safe range. So that your phone is protected from heat damage.
    • SIMPLE TO SET UP AND EASY TO USE. Plug the adapter (included) into the wall, connect the charging pad using the USB cable (included), place your Qi-enabled phone on one of the transmitter pads – done. Your phone is now charging with ‘no strings attached’.
    • SLIM AND STYLISH LXORY-DESIGN. Only 9mm thick and 8” wide, this charger takes up a minimal amount of space and looks great on any counter or table top. Comes with anti-slip rubber feet, a Wall Charger and a USB cable.

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