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LXORY QI Wireless Charging Pad For iPhone X, 8, Samsung Note 8/S8/7/6 and Other Qi Ready Phones


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WHILE OTHER WIRELESS CHARGING PADS ARE MOSTLY MADE OF PLASTIC, our Qi transmitter is made of premium aluminium alloy. If you prefer style and quality over cheap – this one is for you. A slim & solid wireless charger that goes well with your MacBook or iMac.

SIMPLE TO SET UP AND EASY TO USE. It only takes a minute to set up: Connect the transmitter to a USB outlet. Place your Qi-enabeled phone (iPhone 8, X and many other models) on the transmitter pad – done. Your iPhone is now charging with no ‘strings’ attached.

BUILT-IN THERMO PROTECTION. A Wireless iPhone charger gets warm while charging. Cheap chargers can overheat your phone. We included a temperature sensor which will limit the maximum temperature of the transmitter to a safe range. So that your phone is protected from heat damage.

SLIM AND STYLISH DESIGN Not much thicker than a coaster, this solid aluminum-alloy iPhone Qi set comes with a futuristic, minimalistic feel to it.

WORKS GREAT WITH THE XSTAND Just place the transmitter to the LXORY XStand and turn it into a Qi wireless charger stand. We designed this charger to be a great fit and for the XStand so you can charge your iPhone and Apple Watch cable-free in one place.

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Qi Compatible Wireless Charger Pad For iPhone 8 / X And All Other Qi Ready Smartphones

Tired of plugging you charging cable in and out every day?
There is an easier way to charge your iPhone.
The LXORY Qi charging pad will get you sorted in minutes.
Just place your Qi-enabled phone on the charging pad and done.
Your phone battery gets charged without touching a cable.

Qi Ready Phones:
iPhone series 8 and X, Samsung series S6, S7 and S8, Google Nexus (4-7) and many others.
If your phone is not Qi wireless charging ready, you can upgrade it with an external receiver or receiver-case.

Two Steps And You’re Ready For Wireless Charging:
1. Connect the transmitter to a powered USB outlet (5V / 1A or better)
2. Place your phone on the transmitter pad – that’s it!

Qi Charging Coil With Temperature Sensor
Wireless charging produces heat. Which is ok to a certain point.
While some other chargers simply keep charging and expose your phone to potential heat damage, our charger has a temperature sensor built in. Way before your phone gets too hot, our charing coil will shut off and protect your device. So you don’t ever have to worry about your phone suffering heat damage.

Elegant Solid Metal Qi Charging Base
If style and quality matters to you like it does to us, you will enjoy this charging base a lot. The zinc-aluminum alloy metals matches the look and feel of MacBooks and iMacs. It’s heavy, robust and beautiful. And of course can be powered by a MacBook or other laptops USB outlet.

Upgradable To A Wireless Charging Stand
If you plan to have a QI charging stand, this is the right pad for you. To enjoy wireless charging on your iPhone, simply add our Apple Watch and phone stand to the shopping cart and you’re good to go. The transmitter pad fits on the stand just nice and turns the XStand into a wireless charging stand.

Our Qi Charger Comes In A Premium Gift Box
To us, a well designed, premium packaging is a matter of paying respect to the product and our customers. The LXORY Qi Charger ships in an elegant box and makes a great gift for yourself, friends and family.

Standard: Qi
Input: DC 5.0V 2A
Conversion Rate: 75%
Diameter 3.66 in, Height 0.23 in (93 / 5.8mm)
Weight: 6.1 oz (173 g)

In The Box:
– Wireless Charging Pad
– USB Cable 39in (1m)
– 2 Double-Sided Adhesive Patches
– Manual English and German


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